Are you rocking the velvet jacket?

The velvet jacket has been hailed as this season’s answer to texture. The plush twist on a blazer has been revitalised at recent catwalks and season debuts by Dolce & Gabanna and the ‘bringing-sexy-back’ designer, Tom Ford.

Velvet has also made a daring appearance at recent red carpet events; Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper and Kanye West are all huge fans of this textured trend.

It’s definitely safe to say that the velvet jacket is IN, and should be taking place of price in your wardrobe this season fellas!

When shopping for velvet, it’s best to pick a jacket colour and style that goes well with your current wardrobe, and, of course, your personality.

Because velvet is a trend in itself, mixing the fabric with timeless black or navy is a fool proof option. But for a more modern look, why not try a Tom Ford-inspired velvet jacquard in blood red or neon blue?

Leather loafers or a contrast brogue in suede complements the velvet jacket and the exclusion of socks gives the look an added quirkiness.

Here we’ve selected three of our favourite velvet jackets, to get you started on your textured adventure…

 Ted Baker £329

D&G £2,150

ASOS £49.00